What is the best hot tub on the market?

A simple question but not one that’s easy to answer… what is actually the best hot tub on the market? Chances are if you’ve found this article then this is a big question weighing on your mind. Maybe you’ve gone to google and typed in “what is the best UK spa” or “what hot tub should I buy"? Perhaps you’ve witnessed lots of people investing in a hot tub to enhance their future wellness and are thinking about taking the plunge but are perhaps concerned with which hot tub brand is the most reliable.

The short answer? There isn’t just one make or model that’s consistently the best. The long answer? There are a few key features to look out for, but it all boils down to what’s best for you, your family and your lifestyle. Generally speaking the more expensive models in any given range tend to deliver more refined hydrotherapy and harness the latest technology that could put them as a strong contender for the best but there’s still a myriad of spas to choose from. So how can you make a decision with complete confidence?

We’ve seen, sold, serviced, maintained and repaired hot tubs of all brands, shapes and sizes over the years so whilst we’d need to preferably meet you in person to help you find your dream spa, we do have three simple tips to follow when considering what might be the best hot tub (for you)!

1. Explore all available features… and put them to the test

The best spa is one which enhances your wellbeing and lifestyle and one which you look forward to getting into night after night. So to decide what’s best for you, you need to carefully consider your needs and those of other key users.

Of course price will come into this to a certain extent with the latest technology and refined hydrotherapy found in the more premium ranges, much like a car.

It’s not, however, all about price. The moulding of the seating and positioning of the jets are important to get right first. These three models below are all the same price and size but as you can see, the overhead layout is a little different from one to the next. No one layout is necessarily the best but there will be one that makes more sense for you.

Perhaps you know the whole family is going to regularly turn up on your doorstep as soon as you get your new spa installed. You therefore need enough space to accommodate everyone comfortably and not feel like you’re sitting on top of each other. All seaters are absolutely perfect for large families or those who love entertaining. They also suit anyone who struggles to fit comfortably in a standard lounger.

Dual loungers on the other hand tend to suit couples who both want to lay back and enjoy a relaxing massage, with perhaps just a spare seat for the occasional guest. Or maybe you need the best of both worlds so a single lounger with space for 4/5 other adults would be better? Think about which size and layout will work best.

Jets are usually top of the wish list when purchasing a spa. Consider if you are simply after a basic spa to relax and unwind in after work or if you have any health conditions/muscle injuries/painful areas that would benefit from a more refined hydromassage. Entry level models will feature a number of basic jets. The more premium or luxury models will include a better quality and variety of adjustable jets, delivering a more refined hydromassage.

Water-care isn’t the most attention-grabbing topic but a few key features will make a massive difference to your ownership experience. Quality of filtration will vary between models, as do purifiers such as ozone, UV and circulation pumps. These features aren’t always included as standard but make day to day maintenance far easier as do larger filtration systems with microfibre components, cleaning your water far more thoroughly and taking out the tiniest waste particles. So think about how much free time you have to dedicate to the day-to-day maintenance of your hot tub and if you’d like your spa to do more of the heavy lifting for you.

Nowadays you can expect to see lots of additional features such as lighting, stereo systems and WiFi controls either included as standard on premium models or additional extras on entry level. Would music enhance your hot tub experience or would you prefer peace and quiet? What quality of sound system are you looking for? Is a subwoofer a must-have? Would SmartTub which offers cellular control over your spa from anywhere in the world benefit you? Again it really depends on what you’d like from your hot tub.

This is just scratching the surface of the features to consider when weighing up the best spa. Check out our full buyers guide below for more details to help you pinpoint the right model.

Click here to view our full 2022 hot tub buyers guide >>

Still not sure which features or seating are an absolute deal breaker? Then you absolutely need to book in for a wet test. You might well be surprised just how different spas feel even within the same range and which ultimately feels better to you.

2. Ask about shell construction

A bit less personal and a little more general but the BEST hot tubs are the ones that are built to last… and this starts with a solid shell construction.

Many people are big fans of the classic blow up/inflatable spas and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with these. They’re a great way of easing yourself into hot tub ownership without a big initial spend. Many customers start off with an inflatable before taking the plunge. They are, however, far less robust than a hard shell/rigid hot tub, fairly expensive to run and offer only rudimentary filtration or a limited hydrotherapy experience. They’re also not designed for year round use. So if you’re looking for something that you’ll enjoy for many years to come, a hard shell will ultimately offer a better ownership experience.

Of course even within hard shell models, the quality of material and build can vary massively. Poorly constructed tubs with wafer thin or poor quality acrylic have been known to crack under strain or peel and blister under sunlight or mismanagement of chemicals. Most components within a hot tub can be repaired or replaced including heaters, pumps and jets but your shell cannot always be repaired. Often it’s a case of disposing of and replacing the hot tub.

In summary? Ask your retailer about quality of acrylic used and pick a hot tub brand with proven shell longevity and durability. Would you believe we have spas out there from when our founder first started working in the industry all those years ago?

3. Choose a local retailer offering a solid warranty

The best hot tub purchase isn’t always just about the hot tub itself! You need to consider the whole package on offer and most importantly, this includes your retailer and how able they are to offer a comprehensive installation package and maintain a good level of aftercare service over the lifetime of your spa.

You could absolutely buy a cut price spa online, but as well as the potential to fall foul of the dangers of making high ticket price purchases online without seeing the goods, this is unlikely to come with a full delivery and chemical training service or even all the accessories you need to really enjoy your spa. Hot tubs require specialist equipment to transport them safely and delivery should be carried out and commissioned by a trained professional, but this isn’t always commonplace.

Getting hot tubs through tight spaces and into your garden isn’t always straight forward. A good hot tub retailer will have all the required equipment on hand and local crane/hi-ab providers on speed dial for more tricky installations so your spa is transported safely from roadside into final position. They will also be able to advise on how best to prepare for a hot tub including required electrical works and constructing a solid base that holds the weight of the spa plus water. They will also ensure the spa can be accessed for regular maintenance and enjoyed to its full potential. You wouldn’t want to position your tub only to find you can’t lift the lid fully or carry out routine maintenance.

The MySpa installation team will carry out a comprehensive site survey in advance of the big day to advise on all aspects of the delivery, make a plan for and ask you to complete a pre-installation checklist to ensure that everything goes to plan. We’ll also work with you to make sure your hot tub is positioned in the best way to plan for future servicing and so you get the best out of it.

Click here to request our full Hot Tub & Automatic Cover Pre-Delivery Guide >>

Read your delivery terms and conditions carefully to understand what is and isn’t included. We’d recommend never opting for kerbside only and that your spa comes with a comprehensive starter pack and chemical training so you can spend more time enjoying your spa from the start. We frequently have customers visit our showrooms who have bought a spa online without such help and advice, and end up needing a lot of additional support as their water has very quickly ended up in an unsafe state.

As well as planning for regular servicing, it’s important to know that hot tubs (like all large machines) can occasionally breakdown. This isn’t necessarily an issue as like a car, a lot can be repaired easily. Luckily most spas will come with a warranty of some description but not all will be equal. You need to find out the details of what is and isn’t covered under warranty as this will vary considerably between brands. Is it just one year with additional charges for labour or are they offering two, three or even four fully covered years? Can this be extended with servicing and chemical packages?

Once again the more premium hot tubs will come with a longer warranty and could be considered better, some up to 4 years as standard in comparison with 2 or even just 1 year. So you can enjoy your spa stress free for many years to come.

Again though, it’s not all about price. How quickly could your retailer get out to you if you do encounter a problem? Can they carry out repair work in house or do they have to outsource which inevitably adds on delays? Do they keep a good stock of common parts? What’s the wait time on these parts?

At MySpa, we maintain a team of CHTT-trained and experienced technicians who are capable of repairing and restoring most makes and models of hot tub. We also keep our own stock of replacement parts for any common faults… so no matter if you purchase from our entry or premium ranges, you’ll never be without your hot tub for long!

When well maintained, your hot tub could easily last 15+ years and we have hot tubs out there from when our founder first started back in 1998! So you want to ultimately ensure you have a trusted business on your side for many years to come. We’re happy to be WhatSpa Professional and WhatSpa Retailer approved as well as members of BISHTA (British & Irish Hot Tub Association), both of which have a strict codes and regulations we have to follow to ensure we offer the best possible service to customers.


So there it is. Three quick considerations to help you weigh up what is the best hot tub. Ultimately although we can guide you, the ‘best’ hot tub is the one that will physically feel the best to you and any other regular users, will stand the test of time and comes with a good level of aftercare. A hot tub is a large investment in your future wellness, home and lifestyle so buying once and buying well is key to enjoying your spa for many years to come.

If you’d like further advice on our full range of hot tubs then please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team for more information and the opportunity to wet test our range. We have showrooms based in Leicester, Rutland and Cheshire and are open for appointments and wet tests 7 days a week. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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