We’re always asked which hot tub sanitiser we recommend. Some even wonder if built-in purification systems means you can get away with not adding a sanitiser. Whilst a purifier such as CLEARRAY is a fantastic back-up that reduces your chemical consumption, a residual sanitiser should ALWAYS be used... but which is best? There's three main chemicals available:

  1. Chlorine is most commonly used as many are familiar with it from public swimming pools and is what we use in our showroom. With the recommended dosage of chlorine being just 1-3 ppm (parts per million), the strong chemical smell that people associate with swimming pools often is not noticeable. Chlorine is the cheapest chemical by far and gets to work very quickly. The downside is that some people do find chlorine to irritate their skin, eyes and conditions such as asthma.
  2. Bromine is also a popular choice. It is a little more expensive than chlorine but is easy to use and comes in tablet and granular form. Although not odourless, bromine doesn't have the same strong chemical smell that people associate with chlorine. Some people do find bromine to be less harsh than chlorine but people can still find bromine to be an irritant much the same as chlorine.
  3. Can't tolerate either of the above? There is another solution which is active oxygen! Active oxygen is works differently to chlorine or bromine and a liquid activator is used in conjunction with tablets and granules. It's the most expensive system to run but those who can't tolerate chlorine or bromine find it much kinder to their eyes and skin and doesn't have a strong chemical smell.

No matter which system you pick, you’ll need to use your chosen sanitiser alongside a combination of weekly treatments such as shock and scaleaway and our friendly team can advise you on all three systems. Call the team on 01164 645 870 or pop into the showroom to stock up on your chemical needs.