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Installation FAQs

How will you get my hot tub into my garden?

As long as you have the physical space to access your garden, we have a wide range of specialist equipment for manoeuvring hot tubs over all sorts of terrain, through small spaces and over obstacles. The spa will be transported from the roadside usually into the back garden. All of our hot tubs can be transported and positioned on their side, which means the depth of the spa plus a minimum of 8cm for packaging and clearance is the minimum width required down the side of a house or through a removed gate or fence panel.

Do you carry out a Free Site Survey to check access?

We always carry out a site survey as a matter of course prior to delivery. If your access is particularly tight or complicated we will be happy to check this for you in advance of you placing an order.

Will I need a water supply?

Yes you will, but only a garden tap and hose! The hot tubs and swim spas are self contained units that require no external plumbing from a water source, they can be filled and drained with a simple garden hose pipe.

Can I run the spa off my outdoor plug socket?

No. Most of our hot tubs require a 32 amp supply and your regular three pin plug socket will only provide 13 amps. Even the so called ‘Plug n Play’ hot tubs are best to be run on a 20 amp supply to allow the heater to be configured to stay on when the jet pump is on full speed; a must really in our opinion in a climate such as the UK. Larger hot tubs and some Swim Spas may require a supply larger than 32 amps so please check prior to installation.

Can I place my spa or Swim Spa on a deck?

A deck base can be used for a hot tub, provided suitable joist structure is constructed. We would recommend that posts are concreted in and a minimum of 300mm joist centres is maintained through out. We would advise against using a deck base for a swim spa.

From delivery, how long will it be before I can enjoy my first soak?

As long as it takes to get to the desired temperature you have set it to with our installation team. For hot tubs, generally a morning installation will mean that you will soak late that same evening, whilst an afternoon installation will require a good nights sleep before a luxurious champagne breakfast in the spa! A Swim Spa will take on average at least 1 full day to fill and will then take longer to heat up due to the shear volume of water.

Will I need a crane or hi-ab?

We can move spas freely if there is enough space, but where their is simply not enough access at ground level, you can still hire either a crane or small hi-ab to lift the spa over your hedge, wall, fence or house and into position. Crane hire would be quoted and charged as extra. There is always a way and at MySpa we love a challenge! If you are installing a swim spa this will always need a crane as they are large and extremely heavy.

Will my lawn, deck or patio be damaged during delivery?

The MySpa installation team are very careful when handling a spa through your property and we use plywood boards and carpet to protect what is already in place. Garden ornaments and other obstacles should be removed prior to delivery.

Do I need an electrical supply?

Your hot tub or swim spa will require a single phase dedicated electrical supply, hard wired from your fuse box directly into the spa via an external isolator switch. Electrical installation should be carried out by a Part P qualified electrician who will need to be on site on the day of installation to complete the final connection into the spa itself, test the supply and provide certification for electrical works carried out. Different models have different electrical supply requirements so be sure to check with us before your electrician runs a new supply for you.

What kind of base do I need?

A hot tub can be installed on almost any base which is both firm and level. The average spa will weigh around 2 tonnes so it needs to be strong. We recommend a minimum 4” thick concrete slab base, or patio slabs if they are well laid and level. A Swim Spa is much bigger and heavier and will require a minimum 6” reinforced concrete slab base.

What happens once the spa is in my garden?

Once the spa is in its final position our team of qualified installers will complete the installation to get you up and running. The packaging will be removed and accessories fitted whilst the spa fills up with fresh water and post delivery checks are made to ensure your satisfaction. Once the electrician has connected the power and the spa is full we will switch on and provide a full orientation of the spa with you once the operational checks are completed. Full chemical training will then be given and the start up chemicals applied with you. Final checks will then be made with you to sign off your installation, and then you just need to wait until it is up to your desired temperature and get in!!

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Commercial installations are completely different to domestic ones, and here at MySpa, we know how difficult it can be to select the right product. We’re experts in the restrictions and guidelines surrounding commercial hot tubs and spas, and our BISHTA accreditation means that you can rest easy knowing that hygiene and safety are at the core of everything we do.

“We have been trading with Andy and Peter since 2007, MySpaUK are an excellent company, service with a smile, always available should we need anything. I would definitely recommend MySpaUK.”

Rachel Needham Manager, Stretton Lakes

Installation Ideas

Hot Tub
Covana Legend over swim spa
Kona ATV 17ft indoors
ATV 14 Sport lit up at dark
installation ideas for a hot tub
Hot tub installation ideas
Hot Tub
Covana Legend over swim spa
Kona ATV 17ft indoors
ATV 14 Sport lit up at dark
installation ideas for a hot tub
Hot tub installation ideas
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