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FREE 5kW Spawer O-Spa Air Source Heat Pump with every new spa purchased!

Ultra compact, the Poolex O’Spa is a heat pump for spas that can save you up 75% in energy consumption when heating your spa compared to a conventional electric heater (at an equivalent power consumption).
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19ft SwimFit

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SwimLife 19ft Dual Chamber SwimFit

Product Specifications

224.5” X 91.75” X 53” / (570 cm X 233 cm X 135 cm)
Weight dry/filled
1,388 kg / 9,672 kg
Ozone System
Swim Life Clear Stream Minerals System
Therapy seats
Water capacity
6,670 Litres
Power requirement
40 Amp System
Shell Colours / Cabinetry
Silver Marble, Alpine Mist, Pure White / Storm Shadow, Summer Grey
LED Lighting
2 – 20 LED Large Lights
Exclusive Accessories
Aqua Rowing Kit
SL Aquastrength Fitness Kit
24” Stainless Steel Exercise Bar
48” Stainless Steel Exercise Bar (Left Side Only)
Form GogglesAdditional Heater (Optional on all Swim Spas)
Auxiliary Heating System By-Pass Loop
Tether Cord (Optional on all Swim Spas)
Swim Sync System
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Swim styles recommended with this model

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You don’t need to be a world champion swimmer to get the best out of a swim spa in your home. Indeed in larger vessels you may only need a very gentle current or none at all with the use of a swim tether. The tether adjusts around your waist and with the elastic chord attached to the anchor point means you can enjoy a comfortable swim with minimal current in front of you at a gentle steady pace. Then you can slowly increase the flow of water as your fitness builds to intensify your work out. This swim spa can be fully adjusted from a basic swim upwards in terms of power, and we can help you set it up to enjoy a comfortable swim experience.

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Strong swimmers who like to compete love high flow rates and a strong smooth current. This swim spa will deliver both comfortably, with various levels of pace and the ability to also build resistance from behind with the use of a swim tether. This creates a balanced swim experience and allows you to push your levels of endurance and perfect technique. Introduction of air through the air control levers can further increase the force of current and is loved by open water swimmers and triathletes for the familiar turbulence this will create.

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Open Water

High flow rates mixed with air for increased turbulence, can simulate the open water or triathlon swim experience. This swim spa is equipped to deliver power and performance and is an ideal training pool to enhance your own performance. Varying speeds and swim tether points make this swim spa perfect for all ages and levels of ability or fitness.

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Aqua Aerobics

Exercising in water is better for the body in so many ways. Using the water for resistance all around you aids toning and builds muscle strength, and buoyancy takes 90% of your weight off your joints, eliminating impact. A swim spa is not just about swimming and the large body of water is an ideal space for aqua-aerobics. You can also use an aqua-aerobic step in the base of the swim area for the full range of aerobic exercise options.

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Our range of Aqua-bike’s are suitable for almost any swim spa or pool and allows you to use the natural resistance of the water against the bike peddles for a cycling work out. The peddles are adjustable in size to increase or decrease the resistance in your work out, and act like paddles against the water flow. An Aqua-bike can bring a whole new dimension to your swim spa work out, and are available in various sizes, specifications and colours to suit your needs.

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Enquire about this spa

Aftercare & the MySwimSpa Club

The MySwimSpa Club is the one-stop solution for taking care of your hot tub or swim spa, hassle free. Our range membership packages suit every budget, and include maintenance, repairs and servicings, to ensure that you get the best out of your spa.

Expert installers and engineers

We’ve been installing and servicing hot tubs and spas for over 20 years, so you can rest assured that you’re in expert hands. Our fully-accredited team of installation experts will ensure that your hot tub or spa is running perfectly.