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Evolution Automated Hot Tub Cover

FREE 5kW Spawer O-Spa Air Source Heat Pump with every new spa purchased!

Ultra compact, the Poolex O’Spa is a heat pump for spas that can save you up 75% in energy consumption when heating your spa compared to a conventional electric heater (at an equivalent power consumption).
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Covana Evolution

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The shelf life of a traditional hot tub cover is approximately 3 years, Covana will last as long as your spa, built to withstand the harshest of winters.

Fully automated

Less effort and more comfort, opens at the turn of a key!


The Covers lock and can only be operated with the key, preventing unwanted access by children and intruders.

2 in 1

These covers provide shelter when raised, so you can enjoy your spa in all seasons, then lowers to become the ultimate cover.

Energy Saving

The Covana has an engineered bespoke seal giving greater insulation values than most traditional covers.

We install these mainly on the larger spas as it replaces the heavy and cumbersome standard covers with an automatic solution that is durable and secure. The Covana models are a cover for life and certainly provide the best insulation value and water retention thanks to the perfect bespoke seal.

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Enquire about this spa

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